Business cases :

Improvement of business performance:

Customer: Multi-site group and international

Profil: Industrial

Countries: Europe, India, China, USA


    • Increase turn over by 15 M€
    • Margin increase by 8%
    • Improvement in service rate by 10%


Analysis of competition, implementation of new international organisations, with rationalization of products, development of new high value-added services and optimization of work methods & associated costs.


    • Turn over: +€16million
    • Margin: 10%
    • Service rate: 12%

Duration: 24 months

Optimization of expenses:

Customers: Multi-site group and international

Profil: Industrial

Countries: Europe, China, USA


Significantly reduce expenses while improving customer/supplier and employee relationships. Expected savings: 12 M€.

Intervention: Analysis of expenses in their entirety, implementation of purchasing strategies according to their nature, sustainable optimization of resources, implementation of new organizations with optimization of working methods, development of motivation and increased skills of employees.


Savings of 18M€, on a total budget of 240 M€ while significantly reducing the impact on the environment.

Duration: 15 months.

Operational audit / Process improvement:

Customers: Multi-site group and international

Profil: Industrial

Country: India


Identify the barriers to achieving the required performance, improve relations between the company and the parent company, create business opportunities intra group.

Intervention: Diagnosis of all the company’s services, creation of an improvement plan (organizational, functional and operational). Setting up and monitoring inter-site workshops.


    • Improved profitability of the site: 6% additional profit
    • Development of Outsourcing (up 2 million euros CA with France).

Duration: 5 months.

Improved business performance – recurring business development:

Customers: multi-site group and international

Profil: Industrial

Country: Europe

Objectives: Implementation of an effective European sales organisation with standard processes, KPIs, Tools…Implementation of a global offer for all countries and develop turnover.

Intervention: Audit of the different sales departments across Europe, implementation of a new organisation (including the appointment of a sales manager, account managers, the implementation of KPIs, optimized common processes, a sales monitoring tool…). Creating of new services generating recurring revenues.

Results: New, more efficient organization, with common results monitoring, a customer focus and revenue development (+ 12%)

Duration: 14 months.

Business development:

Customers: French group

Profil: Industrial

Country: France

Objectives: to develop the turnover thanks to the overhaul of the sales department and the implementation of a communication between the different departments, with a customer focus.

Intervention: Diagnosis of the sale department and review of processes concerning its interactions with other departments. Creating of working group on the identified areas for improvement. Implementation of a CRM, and a tool for managing objectives and projects. Change of the sales organization, increase in team skills…

Results: Improvement in the time taken to submit offers, increase in turnover +30%

Duration: 10 months

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing resources:

Customers: French Group

Profil: Service

Country: France

Objectives: Reduce the costs of “Customer Service” expenses by 100K€, while reducing environmental impacts by 20%.

Intervention: Diagnosis of current processes, analysis of real customer needs, research and implementation of more efficient solutions, deletions of tasks with no added value.


    • Savings realized: 800K€
    • Reudction of GHG emissions by 30% (calculation carried out with the carbon balance tool, we are autorized to carry out the carbon balance)

Duration: 6 months

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