Le cercle vertueux
“Logic will take you from point A to point B.

Imagination and audacity will take you wherever you want.”

Albert Einstein

Our skills and methodology enable us to achieve important results in terms of performance improvement (increased revenue, sustainable value of resources,…) reducing environmental impacts or improving the user experience.

what if we build a virtuous circle together?

Let’s work together to improve the performance of your business in complete serenity:

  • Save money
  • Expand your business opportunities
  • Improve the attractiveness – the work of your different trades
  • Take part in safeguarding the environment

Our methodology

1. Choice of the subject to be treated

The subjects to be dealt with depend on the problem to be solved. This one can involve several stakeholders (customers, suppliers…).

The problems are of an economic nature, often with environmental and social implications.

2. Impact analysis

We analyze the environmental, societal and economic impacts of the subject. Concerning the calculation of the carbon footprint, we use the Bilan Carbone (tool created by ADEME and maintained and developed by ABC carbone).
It is essential during this step to have a complete view of all the interactions of the subject in its environment.

3. Issues & team

Thanks to the previous step, we were able to grasp things as a whole, to understand the purpose and the essence of the subject. To answer the issues, and consequently find the way, we create teams, of different departments, and of different hierarchical levels.
It is the open-mindedness and the teamwork that makes this journey possible, Discover is the means of locomotion.

4. The path

Together, we develop the objectives to be reached according to the issues at stake. These objectives are defined during workshops led by our teams, with the aim of creating the cohesion necessary for the implementation of solutions.

5. The solutions

We organize and lead the working group(s), in which we share our knowledge and experience in order to develop solutions together and facilitate their implementation.

6. Setting up

We monitor and measure progress. At each milestone, we organize a presentation of the results to energize the team and celebrate the successes.
When the actions are completed and the objectives are reached, a closing ceremony allows to highlight the work of the teams and to share the success with the management.

Throughout the mission, communication is carried out internally and externally to highlight the actions of our clients.

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