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Because sharing is one of our fundamental values:

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Our leitmotiv:

Make our customers happy by harmonizing the ecosystem of their businesses.

David Lavoine CEO

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We have been experts at improving overall business performance for more than 20 years. Thanks to our missions we have been able to generate several million additional profits for our customers while reducing their environmental impact and improving the quality of life at work of our employees.

Our secret, applying an innovative methodology based on the following principles:

  • Making sense of it
  • Developing and valuing collaborative work at all levels
  • Search for the “essence” of each stakeholder’s real need
  • Respect the environment and promote its development


We carry out training to optimize your resources in a sustainable way. We’ve designed them so you can apply what you’ve learned immediately and get the results quickly.


We support companies on the path to virtuous success. Based on a problem, we set up our methodology, in order to obtain convincing results in terms of increasing profits, reducing the impact on the environment, and improving the employee experience.


You are not alone!!!

We conduct seminars whose topics are at the heart of the concerns of managers and their employees.

Come and meet in a small circle, women and men sharing the same problems, and through our various experiences we will turn these problems into lasting solutions.

Our philosophy:

The more we protect our environment, the more we develop the human spirit, the more our society grows.


David Lavoine, Managing Director of DISCOVER, has accompanied us in the development of the global strategy of our business unit, and in its implementation through operational plans.

His expertise has allowed us to combine speed and efficiency in the success of several projects, combining the economic, societal and environmental aspects.

Discover is an effective reliable serious partner, one of the leitmotifs of which is to develop human relationships at all levels, thus broadening the fields of the possible.

Christophe Gillon Vice President De Dietrich process system



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